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where I share myself with the world.

As of 2015, I'm a fourth-year Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology. I find interest in startup culture, languages (computer and spoken), entrepreneurship, and puns.

Things I Do

Ever since I was born in the winter of '94, I've taught myself to do more and more. I haven't reached critical capacity yet...

  • Read voraciously
    (particularly Bloomberg Businessweek)
  • Sleep over 12 hours
    (in one day)
  • Drink too much coffee and tea
    They're my yin-and-yang.
  • Listen to podcasts and mashups
    NPR's Planet Money = the best
  • Code things that never quite work
    Current Struggles: Web Dev
  • Play Smash Bros and Hearthstone
    Mains: Kirby, Sheik, Hunter

A Few Accomplishments

I like doing cool things.

SparkGift, a YC company

At SparkGift as a summer 2015 Product Management and Growth Marketing Intern, I am proudest of:

  • Redesigning the checkout flow to include delivery type, delivery date, and custom printables
  • Designing a customized printable card
  • User-testing said features and seeing them to production
  • Creating the email-marketing strategy and newsletter

Fluensi: Revolutionizing Studying

Fluensi is a study program which texts students practice exam questions to increase engagement with the material outside of lecture. Founded by me in 2012, it is currently on-pause for a market (not product) pivot after a round of assumption-testing through non-scalable techniques and code build-out (Node.JS).

Curriculum Vitae

Current projects: Fluensi (see above) and tons of other ideas
Univeristy of Virginia Bachelors' of Arts Computer Science and Cognitive Psychology 2016
SparkGift Summer 2015 Product Management and Growth Marketing Intern

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